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The Department of Early Education and Care publishes a geographically-searchable online directory of licensed child care programs across the state. If a program you are researching does not appear in your search results, you may call the EEC regional licensing office for your area to confirm whether the program is licensed by EEC. EEC can provide information about restrictions on a license, non-compliance citations, and sanctions.

Be advised that many Licensed Child Care Programs are in the process of reopening following the COVID-19 State of Emergency and temporary closure of child care. To search only for programs that have reopened, please check the box, “Only show providers that have reopened from the COVID-19 emergency.” For more information about the reopening process, click here

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Please note that the search results will default to alphabetical order. EEC does not recommend child care programs, but instead provides this page as a resource for families and members of the public to assist in finding information about licensed child care programs in Massachusetts.